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My name is Mary. I read people and The Rolling Stone. James Franco called me pretty. I'm a direct descent of Isaac Newton but I'm no good with science. I like mountains and lakes and the Pacific North West.                                      


i literally have no idea what im gonna do if i dont end up rich

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Music piracy in the ’60s

can you still do this



Boys who are into consensual sex and agree with feminism are so cute and I wanna kiss them all.

Boys who are into consensual sex and agree with feminism are displaying the qualities of decent human beings and shouldn’t have to be praised for doing so

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interesting gum wrapper
The story of Cassandra, the woman who told the truth but was not believed, is not nearly as embedded in our culture as that of the Boy Who Cried Wolf—that is, the boy who was believed the first few times he told the same lie. Perhaps it should be.
written by In her cover essay on silencing women in the October 2014 issue of Harper’s, Rebecca Solnit once again proves that she is one of our era’s greatest essayist – further evidence here and here. (via explore-blog)

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